Love Bites Us

For/from “Recycle Love” (which is, like, the coolest handle ever)

(you know it had to play with the vampire theme)

(but I hope you like how it went a little… sideways)

“Why do you think every teenage girl wants a vampire boyfriend?” I asked while he fiddled with the ropes. “I know, Twilight, but Twilight exists because of that desire. It didn’t create it.”

“Mmmmm,” he mumbled. Rope between his teeth, rope around my ankles, thighs.

“Before Twilight, what? Buffy. And before that True Blood—and earlier still, Anne Rice. Did it start with Anne Rice’s vampires? Eternally young… but experienced? Is that the fantasy?”

He didn’t say anything. Tightened the rope. Pulled it up between my thighs now. Solid. But not uncomfortable.

“Maybe it goes back to Bram Stoker,” I mused, shifting a little as the rope slackened, then tightened. “Although… it’s been a while since I’ve read the book. But in the more recent movies… fuck, Gary Oldman is hot. I’d fuck him in a heartbeat. Ouch!”

“Your conversation is not particularly arousing. To me,” he said, lacing the rope around my torso now.

“Because you’re not an eternally young vampire?” I asked. Looked at him critically. “I love you anyway.”

“Small consolation,” he said. “Would you love me more if I was a vampire? Immortal? Near-indestructible?”

“Amoral, psychopathic,” I added. “Always, as you covered me with love bites, just the tiniest bit of arousal-pressure away from killing me… turning me into one of you…”

“You fucking would. Bitch!” He tightened the rope across my breasts. Aggressively, roughly.

“The danger would definitely be arousing,” I said, teeth gritting.

“I’m going to gag you,” he said. “Or else no amount of rope is going to give me an erection.”

“Don’t be childish. Or jealous,” I said. “Of what? A vampire fantasy? Not even my vampire fantasy, but like, a Jungian, cultural vampire fantasy? Come on. It has nothing on the reality of us.”

“Except,” he said, pulling the rope up my back and hesitating around my throat, “it does, doesn’t it? Why does this turn you on? Why do you want to be fucked tied up and helpless?”

“Because it turns you on,” I said. Rubbed a little against the rope between my thighs.

“Liar,” he said.

Put a gag in my mouth, and tore into my neck with his very human teeth, and I sunk into the reality of us… while he fantasized, I suspected, that he was an immortal vampire.



For Nicole: Cardamom Knob Wool

For Jenn: Piano River Feather

For Lara: Peasant Cicada Pomegranate

For Paola: Stoked Sunrise Ferocity

For Nina: Crimson Brilliant Moon

For Cathy: Elated Chocolate Tears

For Lisa: Collar Forgiveness Wind 

For Leslie: Train Clouds Mountain

For Grazyna: Anticipation Disappointment Hope

For Tet: Pills Chips Lotion

For Fionna: Crimson Ocean Dance

For Nina: Jaw Hair Voice

For Bella: Bike Muscles Beard

For Roub: Voluptuous Amerindian Silky

For Recycle Love: Love Bites Us

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