Hate Valentine’s Day? Good. Have I got something for you…

M. Jane Colette (that’s me)
YYC Queer Writers
(that’s my awesome peeps)
Screw Chocolate, Volumes 1 & 2!

Roses, cupid’s arrows, chocolate—chocolate? Screw chocolate! Queer up Valentine’s Day instead with these hilarious, heartbreaking (yes, sometimes deliciously filthy) valentines by Calgary authors who have a fresh, occasionally revolutionary (always, insightful) take on love.

Featuring fiction (or is it?), poetry, and non-fiction (or is it?) from Beatrice Aucoin, Dallas Barnes, L. Sara Bysterveld, Lotis Cervantes, M. Jane Colette/Marzena Czarnecka, Callan Field, Elisa Kae, Tanysia Komers,  H. P. Longstocking, Tet Millare, Brooke Nicholas, Alyssa Linn Palmer, Nola Sarina, Dana Stan, T, Mel Vee, Ann Zee, and PW Zellie, and photography from Jennifer Weihmann (Volume 1) and Leslie Pringle (Volume 2).

In February 2017, we launched Screw Chocolate as our first collaborative multi-author multi-media project, and it kind of kicked ass. This year, we are thrilled to bring you Screw Chocolate 2 AND Screw Chocolate, our original 2017 edition — for the first time in a holdable, huggable, kissable, bitable (grrrrr) version.

If you are in Calgary on February 12–COME TO OUR LAUNCH PARTY!

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Want a taste, a preview, a tantalizing tickle? The first series of Screw Chocolate valentines is all available on-line:


a collection of 14 QUEER valentines

to get you through February 14

by  YYC Queer Writers

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curated by M. Jane Colette

photography by Jennifer Weihmann

… you can also pre-order the e-book AND the paperback of both volumes at Amazon, Kobo, Chapters, and all the usual suspects:

  • AMAZON, Screw Chocolate 1: PRE-ORDER e-book & paperback
  • AMAZON, Screw Chocolate 2:  PRE-ORDER e-book & paperback

(please note that Screw Chocolate 1 has been tagged by Amazon as “restricted adult material” — don’t get your hopes up, it’s only a little dirty ;P — so you’ll need to be logged into your Amazon account as your 18+ self to see it)

  • Kobo, Screw Chocolate 1:  PRE-ORDER
  • Kobo, Screw Chocolate 2: PRE-ORDER
  • CHAPTERS paperback link coming soon
  • All the other usual places coming soon

As with our Queer Christmas in Cowtown project, all post-production proceeds from Screw Chocolate are going to Camp fYreFLY. Buy the book for the queer reader in your life and help make a queer kid’s life better!

Here are the 2017 SCREW CHOCOLATE Valentines

Valentine 1: Mountains & Moments by T

Valentine 2: Karma, in Pronouns by Marzena Czarnecka

Valentine 3: The Long Commute by L. Sara Bysterveld

Valentine 4: It Happens Like This by Dana Stan

Valentine 5: Try by M. Jane Colette

Valentine 6: Sunrise by Brooke Nicholas

Valentine 7: Want by T

Valentine 8: Get The Fuck Up & Love by Dallas Barnes

Valentine 9: Elizabeth by Nola Sarina

Valentine 10: Instructions by PW Zelli

Valentine 11: Unmentionables by Alyssa Linn Palmer

Valentine 12: The Shy Girl’s Guide to Sexting by M. Jane Colette

Valentine 13: Delivery by Elisa Kae

Valentine 14: Alter Ego In A Red Tie by Lotis Cervantes


You can listen to several of our sultry Valentines, as read by voice artist Elisa Kae:

Valentine 1 Audio: Mountains & Moments by T

Valentine 5 Audio: Try by M. Jane Colette

Valentine 7 Audio: Want by T

Valentine 12 Audio: The Shy Girl’s Guide to Sexting by M. Jane Colette

Valentine 13 Audio: Delivery by Elisa Kae