I get around.

Ok, to be honest, I hardly ever leave the three kilometre radius around my house. Or my studio. Have I shown you my studio?

I work here:

If you want to encounter me live… here are some opportunities:

February 10, 2018 – The Alberta Romance Writers Association asked me to host a workshop on how to write erotica. It’s going to be dirty. Just a little… RESCHEDULED FOR MARCH 10


February 12, 2018–I’m at Owl’s Nest Books in Calgary with YYC Queer Writers. Roses, cupid’s arrows, chocolate—chocolate? Screw chocolate! Queer up Valentine’s Day instead with these hilarious, heartbreaking (yes, sometimes deliciously filthy) valentines by Calgary authors who have a fresh, occasionally revolutionary (always, insightful) take on love.

February 14, 2018 – Valentine’s Day Proper–I’m back at Owl’s Nest. This time… I’m being… BLOODY OFFENSIVE, with five other silver-tongued femmes. Come see. But be careful. You might get wet or lose your pants.March 10, 2018 – I’m back at the Alberta Romance Writers Association, this time, delivering my proto THE ORGANIZED CREATIVE workshop. Curious what it’s about? Me too. PROTO=prototype, and I’m still… incubating. This is the general idea though:

The Organized Creative: planning your writing (creative and business) year – quarter – month – year – and finally day. This hands-on workshop will show you how to organize your days by realistically planning your year, and working backwards-and-forwards throughout the year to stay on track with your goals. You will also learn how to track and maximize your productivity cycles, use a process journal, value your lazy fallow periods, and use your procrastination to nurture inspiration. Some materials will be provided, but bring your day planner or calendar, a crappy, cheap notebook (this is important: not a beautiful, expensive notebook—a cheap, crappy notebook), pens and pencils (the more colourful the better), and index cards and sticky notes.

May 13-20, 2018 – I AM IN RENO AT THE ROMANTIC TIMES BOOKLOVERS CONFERENCE!! I don’t apologize for the all-caps and shouting–I went to RT for the first time in 2017, and it rocked my world and changed my life (you can read about it here: Diary of an RT Virgin). I’m still taking a pretty low-key approach to RT and I’m not presenting or doing any mega-events, but this year I’m participating in the FAN-tastic Author Day event and I’m signing at the GIANT BOOK FAIR (I’m terrified) and I’ve contributed a raffle basket to the RT Bazaar. I think it might have a vibrator in it. Do you think I’m allowed to do that?

July 18-21, 2018 — I am in Denver, Colorado for my first ever ROMANCE WRITERS OF AMERICA annual conference. I have no idea what to expect. I’ll report in full after.

August 10-12, 2018 – It’s time for the Eighth Annual WHEN WORDS COLLIDEthe little Calgary reader-writer con that changed my life. I’ll be presenting, moderating, helping out with the CaRWA (the Calgary chapter of the Romance Writers of America) Pajama Party, and all sorts of other things. More details forthcoming.

December 2018TEXT ME, CUPID LAUNCH PARTY! It will be EPIC! I just don’t know where or when yet. Stay tuned.


DAMMIT, YOU MISSED ME! Some great stuff from the past:

  • February 9, 2018 – I  was part of Cameron Allie fabulous pre-Valentine’s Day Party on Facebook, so I can do it without leaving my house!
  • January 13, 2018 – Naked Girls Reading Calgary presented EROTICA and Keely Kamikaze read a sizzling excerpt from Text Me, Cupid Episode One: Messy Christmas.

  • October 24, 2017 – M. Jane Colette on writing, blogging, sexting your way to true love and surrender at Owl’s Nest Books aka my “I’m sorry I didn’t throw you a launch party for Cherry Pie Cure and Consequences” appearance

I throw really great launch parties and deliver terrific workshops and totally subvert what an author book signing is supposed to look like, and I’m open to all unreasonable invitations.

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