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Queer Christmas 2: Letters to Santa
Submission Deadline: October 6, 2019 [HARD]
Specs, length: 150 to 1,500 words (can be shorter; can’t be longer)
Specs, topic: Fiction, essays, memoirs,  faux memoirs, and poetry all welcome
Open to: Calgary-based Queer writers (no out-of-Calgary submissions please)
What’s with the Letters to Santa Theme? If you’re stuck, that’s your writing prompt. Dear Santa. If you’re inspired… go to it. It’s gotta be a) good b) queer c) loosely winter holiday themed. It doesn’t need a Christmas tree or Baby Jesus in it, but if there’s sun, sex, and sand, in the story, you’d better be on Christmas break in Mexico.
Call for artist/illustrator open.


Sat., Sept 14, 2019, 5pm – 7 pm, Soby’s Lebanese Eatery, 1131 17 Ave SW
Sunday, October 20, 2019 – 5 p.m. – 9 p.m. Cafe Med, 1009 1 St SW
(note: there’s a Cafe Med on 17th Avenue. That is NOT the place.
We are meeting at the one on 1st SW, just up from 10th Ave, near Koi)
Sat., November 24, 2019, 4-8 p.m., Espresso Cafe, 263 10 St NW
Everyone welcome,
and everyone always welcome to set up an alternate/additional meeting place & time
Just tells us where and when you’ll be writing and if you want company

Details to Follow

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YYC Queer Writers was formed in 2013 by writer and activist Dallas Barnes. We get together intermittently to… write. Also, laud our lovers. Commiserate about our exes. Share what we wrote. Explain what we want to write. Try to justify why we aren’t writing it. Go home and write it. Come back. Share it… repeat.

Our Projects:

All profits from the anthology’s sales go to benefit Alberta’s Camp Fyrefly.

Camp fYrefly is a summer camp and leadership retreat  designed for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans-identified, two-spirited, intersexed, queer, and questioning youth, (LGBTQ2S+) and planned in part by a committee of the same youth it seeks to serve. Camp fYrefly  is designed to help youth develop the leadership skills and personal resiliency necessary for them to become agents for positive change in their schools, families, and communities. In a word, it helps keep queer kids alive.

Although we are fundraising for a youth program, the content of our anthologies contains mature themes, explores themes of sex and sexuality, sometimes explicitly, and is intended for an adult audience.

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