NOLA Booklovers Convention, in pictures #blcon19 #booklovers #nola #contest

New Orleans.





I would give you more words, but you know what? You kinda had to be there. But. Here are a few pictures:

This was all inside that little purple conference bag. Timelord technology!

Happily lost in New Orleans. I have no idea where that is. But isn’t it pretty?

Hey, newsletter subscribers, I want you to know I started collecting autographs for you RIGHT AWAY!

Author Cynthia D’Alba wins for most thoughtful swag at the conference. It’s like she’s done this before…

And here’s my annual usie with Christine! She’s been at every Booklovers conference I’ve attended, she was, via a chance elevator encounter, the first official reader of Cherry Pie Cure, and she’s been my good luck charm ever since. I see Christine at a conference, and I know everything’s gonna be all right! ❤

McGee Matthews and I met last year at RT18 in Reno, in Cherry Adair’s plotting class. Apparently, I was helpful. 😉 She’s got a hot-selling F-F romance out–her debut novel–and it’s an INTENSE read. If you like suspense and lesbian fiction, kittens, check it out. (Happy ending guaranteed, but there will be parts when you will want to flip to the end to make sure–so let me tell you, I did. It all turns out ok in the end.)

Why yes, that is me hanging out Charlaine Harris and Christine Feehan. And, um, collecting autographs for myself. Because I’m still a fangirl.

An interlude to show you why I love New Orleans so…

Wednesday night Fantasy & Faery Party! Like I said… you really had to be there. But yes, that’s Damon Suede at the bottom there. Who else

With Rebecca Zanetti and Lexi Blake. Drooling. A little. (Yes, I got their autographs on the bag. Of course.)

Just… so pretty.

This was AFTER the Left-Right-Center Gambling Party. Which I did not photograph, because we were all too busy gambling… But that’s where I met Christina and Pam! Hi! Are you here?

This is a CHOCOLATE – CRANBERRY – CHERRY MARTINI aka Esplanade Martini.

This is Jane plotting after two Esplanade Martinis.

If you meet author Janet Lee Nye on her birthday, this is how you say hi. You’re welcome.

The time Ashlyn Chase and I made Meg Tilly pretend she knew us…

Books. We were all there because we love books. And costumes. And drinking blood. I mean, wine. Help.

With Heather Graham, the fantabulous host of the Vampires & Voodoo Party!

And here is a really terrible photo of me, Piper Drake, and her boobs, because, corset, and chocolate martinis. Also, the book she gave me that I may or may not put in the bag you may or may not win if you know what you’re supposed to do when you get to the end of this post. (If you don’t, it’s ok. Just enjoy the boobs. Pictures. Whatever.)

Almost the last day! 10 am, all set up for the Big Bash… but wait, there’s something I need to do first…

Get Sonali Dev to sign my copy of Pride, Prejudice, and Other Flavors, WHICH IS THE 2ND BEST BOOK I’VE READ SO FAR THIS YEAR.

(The first is Erotic Stories for Punjabi Widows by Balli Kaur Jaswal)

Ok, and then…


But wait… who do I see?

Susanna Kearsley! Author of, inter alia, Bellwether, which is one of my still-favourite books and to which she is writing a sequel AS WE SPEAK.

So there we were, me and Sylvia Day, she dragging herself from signing 1000 books, me dragging myself from signing… well, significantly fewer than that… less than 100 but more than 10, let’s say, still, there we both were, post-signing, exhausted… together in an elevator… damn straight I asked for an autograph for you. The things I do for you, kittens.

And then… it was almost time to go home. But wait!

One more party… and one more wander through NOLA…

A momentary panic about storm-caused delay… and then…

Home with the babies!

Hey, newsletter subscribers! You know what to do! You want the bag, right? Go. Leave a comment, and remember, my daughter is helping me pick a winner so keep it clean this time. 😉

While you’re here, by the way–if you’re new to me–my award-winning rom-com Cherry Pie Cure is running in “real time” on the blog… just the way Susan “wrote” it two years ago, and we are three or four posts away from the sweetest happy ending EVER, so you might want to get in on that: Cherry Pie Cure, the real-time blog edition.

Hey blog readers–the contest in the comments below is for my current newsletter subscribers only. Sorry! No more details! But if you want to be in on the fun in the future… subscribe links and what not are below, and you get a free flirty-funny-ebook too. Whose life doesn’t need more love letters, right? The post is going up a few hours before the newsletter goes out, so it’s possible.. you’ll find out what you’re supposed to do. Kisses.





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