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You: OMFG, not another newsletter.

Me: It’s not a newsletter. It’s an occasional LOVE letter. Written just for you. From me. Think about it. Me, whispering in your ear, all the things you wish you’d hear from…

You: Fucking liar. You’re going to try to sell me your books.

Me: And invite you to parties. Look, my darling. Here’s the deal. All the forms of social media are some combination of ephemeral, unreliable, or manipulative. The newsletter is my only direct link to you. And I love you. And I need to be able to reach you reliably. And so… subscribe? (Also, free book. You saw, right? TASTE ME. Mmmmm.)


You: And you’re not manipulative?

Me: Just a little. But I always deliver what I promise.

You: Promise?

Me: Cross my heart.


Thank you!

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