Would you like some wine with that?

Did I ever tell  you that I’m easy? Outrageously so. Like, put the words “hedonistic” in a book description, and then make the heroine a wine agent based in my favourite city in the world, add a pair of hot shoes on the cover, and I’m all over it. Especially when I find out that the author is also from Montreal—said favourite city in the world.

So while you’re waiting for Cherry Pie Cure, I’d like to introduce you to Diana Sobolewski, “a marketing-oriented wine loving romantic.”

Sobolewski’s novel, Private Reserve, is the first in a series called Desire & Luxury Wine (some good marketing, I say), and this is what it’s about:

In the glamorous and hedonistic world of luxury wine, Ela Zalewski is at the height of her career. The Montreal-based wine agent spent years building her own business through hard work, persistence and excellence and is now enjoying the fruits of her labor. Though not classically beautiful, Ela is a very alluring woman nonetheless. The petite brunette exudes so much self-confidence and sensuality that she never lacks for admirers among the flamboyant men she encounters in her industry. Well aware of her effect on the opposite sex, Ela has, over the years, enjoyed physical pleasure with some very accomplished lovers to whom she had no real emotional ties—just the way she likes it.

On a business trip to Bordeaux, Ela meets billionaire industrialist Torsten Lucas Furst, who runs his empire out of Munich. Enigmatic with a commanding presence, Torsten still has a trace of boyish good looks to soften his handsome masculine features. Ela finds that irresistible and agrees to join him for a romantic tryst in Rome, where he expertly initiates her in a deeper discovery of her sexuality and takes her to new heights of passion.

I need to ask Sobolewski the next time we chat that awful question all authors hate—how autobiographical is the novel?

But I’ll try not to.

If you want to find out what happens to Ela and Torsten, good news: the e-book version of Private Reserve is free on Amazon until June 6.

And if you love it—there’s a paperback copy available too. You know, one you can take into the bathtub with you. With a glass of Bordeaux. (Visit Diana Sobolewski on her website for more info  or connect with her on Facebook.)

In Cherry Pie Cure, Susan and her lover never ever share a glass of wine. But there’s a good reason for that. I won’t tell you why—you’ll have to read the book to find out.

(I’m easy, but I like to tease.)

However, Susan and her best friend Marcella do turn to the grape for… you know, solace… when things are a little sour.

COMING June 15, 2017

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Want to find out how it got written? Check out How a story is born.

And visit Susan’s blog at SusansWritingCureBlog.wordpress.com.

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