Do you like Crime and Romance together? Meet Roxana Nastase and Rowena Dawn #featurefriday

My colleague and fellow Canuck Roxana Nastase (who writes under a few different names herself) has three hot new releases out that straddle crime and romance, and she’s offering people a rather fantastic deal on them. Check this out:


Relative Bonds
Book Three in McNamara Series

by Roxana Nastase         

McNamara’s on the hunt again. An apparent suicide leads the detective to a terrorist plot. What will he do when his lady’s life is on the line?

McNamara, a Scottish D.C.I., fights crime in the streets of Edinburgh and in its suburbs. Diagnosed with mild Asperger as a child, the detective is meticulous, cold and dedicated. He is interested in doing his job and is a master in avoiding any kind of sentimental involvement. However, Bryony sneaks under his defence and claims his heart. 

If you love a good traditional crime story, then this is the book to you.

Available on:

Pulled In
Book 3 in The Perfect Halves Series
by Rowena Dawn
Suspense Romance 

Nick wanted only to be left in peace so that he could forget of the ugliness of the outside world. Yet, his world is invaded and he finds himself in the position of the white knight.
She wanted shelter but she can’t trust another man.
Two strong people, caught in a tough situation – will they find a common ground?

From the author:
Ryan from Double-Edged is hotheaded and fiery. Adam from Eyes in the Dark is sarcastic and daring. Nick from Pulled In is calm but determined.
But all of them have a common purpose in mind – to protect the women they love.
I can’t tell you which one I like the most, but I can tell you that they are men worth knowing.
Read the books and make their acquaintance. They are men you’d want on your side if you need help.

Available on:

Jay’s Salvation
Book Three in The Winstons Series
by Rowena Dawn
Paranormal Romance

Jay was just looking for fun. What he got was losing his heart and peace of mind.
Jay is not a very good guy. He can read minds – even though not very well and not all the time. Yet, he uses his ability to play cards and win the pot.
He plays once too many times. He loses his money and hardly escapes with his life and that only because he has a guardian angel. Now, he needs to decide if what he feels for his angel is  love or gratitude.

From the author:
I liked Becka – a young woman on the brink of maturity, not very sure of what she wanted at the beginning. I loved Matt – a self-confident man, in deep harmony with himself. But then, I adore Jay – he still faces his demons, and his journey toward knowing himself doesn’t change him. It just refines the man. I know this is only my opinion, but Jay is a man anyone could love.

I enjoyed writing Jay’s Salvation. Interesting though, I enjoyed reading and re-reading it. I know I am the author, but I don’t enjoy re-reading all my books. This one is one of the few ones that never bored me – I read it at least five times. From the first draft to the last, it still held my attention.

Hopefully, you’ll like it too.

Available on: 

Roxana is offering a pretty sweet deal–she wants you to taste her. You can get one of the above titles for free in ePub, Mobi or PDF. Just email Roxana at with your preference–and tell her mjanecolette sent you.







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