So… we’re having this KILLER PARTY

If you’re in #yyc and area, please consider yourself most cordially invited:


Tuesday, December 6
7 to 9 pm
1126 17 Ave SW

featuring BURLESQUE by Daisy DeVille & Keely Kamikaze
and TAROT readings by Janine Morigeau & Aspect Tarot

FABULOUS discounts on GRAVITY POPE merchandise

& “not cheap” sparkling wine from Spain with a butterfly on the label*

*OK, I realize I should have read and remembered the name on the label. It had a BUTTERFLY on it. Which was BEAUTIFUL.

(This, incidentally, is why obsessing over book covers matters. We’re all shallow, visual creatures at the core.)

Free Event, but RSVP to … because running out of champagne at a launch party is just so… you know, déclassé.

You: Could I gatecrash at the last minute?

Jane: Maybe. But then no champagne or  kisses for you.

Her: Actually, I just want to buy the damn book.

Jane: Awesome. Go HERE quickly. We can’t keep the paperbacks in stock! (Except in the UK. They have two available in the UK again. How badly do you want them? 😛 )

I think the hashtag for the event will be #TellMeLaunch

Her: But I thought…

Jane: Shut up.

Her: OK, at least tell them…

Jane: No, it was a terrible idea.

Her: Come on…

Jane: No. It wasn’t just a double-entendre, it was like a filthy triple entendre. No.

Her: Are you in denial again about how filthy your book is?

Jane: No. Now go away. I’m trying to write a blog post here…


Other things:


I’m trying to build a solid mailing/newsletter list through  Rough Draft Confessions, and if you join, you will get prezzies and updates about the new books’ releases and other secret things. Go on. Click on that link and come inside. Reward me for not inflicting a pop-up sign up window on you. I know the last thing you need is MORE crap in your in-box… but you definitely need MORE ME in your in-box. Doncha’ think? I promise to send you only sexy, important messages, and only about once a quarter.

If you can’t get enough of me and want to feel connected and loved every day, I be these places:

Twitter / GoodReads / FaceBook Profile + FaceBook Page 


I’m pausing the game until after the launch, but please get caught up on the pieces so far, and if you have three little words for me, throw them into the queue by commenting on a post, tweeting to @mjanecolette or emailing them to mjanecolette at

For Nicole: Cardamom Knob Wool

For Jenn: Piano River Feather

For Lara: Peasant Cicada Pomegranate

For Paola: Stoked Sunrise Ferocity

For Nina: Crimson Brilliant Moon

For Cathy: Elated Chocolate Tears

For Lisa: Collar Forgiveness Wind 

For Leslie: Train Clouds Mountain

For Grazyna: Anticipation Disappointment Hope

For Tet: Pills Chips Lotion

next up, for Melody: Moonlight for Reflections … which I think she wants me to use as an entire phrase… so what do you think I will do with that?

Her: Something filthy.

Jane: Uncalled for.

Her: You have no idea how to be romantic. Also, the hashtag for the party should be…

Jane: Stop. It.

Where was I? Invited you to the party–check. Pimped Rough Draft Confessions–check. Updated you on #3LittleWords–check.

I think… I think that’s everything.

Is there anything else you want to know?


About mjanecolette

Writer. Reader. Angster. Reformed Bohemian (not). Author of the erotic romance TELL ME, the erotic tragedy (with a happy ending) CONSEQUENCES (of defensive adultery), the award-winning rom-com (she's versatile) CHERRY PIE CURE, and TEXT ME, CUPID--a (slightly dirty) love story for 21st century adults who don't believe in love... but want it anyway. A sought-after speaker and presenter, Colette is also the author of the Dirty Writing Secrets Series, which includes the non-fiction collection of essays ROUGH DRAFT CONFESSIONS: not a guide to writing and selling erotica and romance but full of inside inside anyway, 101 FLIRTY WRITING PROMPTS TO SEDUCE YOUR MUSE, and ORGANIZED CREATIVE. She's also the curator of the fab YYC Queer Writers anthologies Queer Christmas in Cowtown, Screw Chocolate, and A Queer Summer Night's in Cowtown. Releasing Spring 2020: CUPID IN MONTE CARLO.


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