tell me… where do I buy the damn books?

EVERYWHERE. And some local places.

Tell Me

 Tell Me


E-book: Amazon ❤ KoboiBooks ❤ Barnes & Noble ❤ Google Play

Paperback: Amazon ❤ ChaptersBarnes & NoblePowell’s BookstoreBook Depository ❤ or order from your favourite retailerConsequences Cover With Shadow
Consequences (Of Defensive Adultery)


E-Book: iBooksKoboAmazon ❤ Barnes & Noble ❤ Google Play ❤ Inside Romance ❤ Smashwords

Paperback: ChaptersAmazon ❤ Barnes & NobleBook Depository ❤ Powell’s Books ❤ order from your favourite book seller

Cherry Pie Cure Cover with Shadow

Cherry Pie Cure


Ebooks at Amazon ❤ Kobo ❤ iTunes/iBooks ❤  Google Play ❤ Barnes & Noble ❤ Inside Romance 

Softcovers at all the usual places, including Amazon ❤  Barnes & Noble ❤  Chapters (Canada) ❤ Powell’s Books (US) ❤ Book Depository (Globally) ❤ order from your favourite bookseller


Check out Rough Draft Confessions: NOT a guide to WRITING & selling EROTICA but full of insight insight anyway, M. Jane Colette’s non-fiction collection of essays and “confessions” from inside the writing and publishing process.


ebooks: iBooksKobo AmazonBarnes & NobleGoogle Play

softcovers: ChaptersAmazonBarnes & Noble Powell’s BooksBook Depository … your favourite book seller



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