SULTRY & sweet SUMMER Featured Authors & Performers

Who is coming to woo you on June 24?

Supported by authors from the Calgary Association of Romance Writers of America, the Alberta Romance Writers Association, and YYC Queer Writers, with performances by NAKED GIRLS READING, DANIELLE FRENCH, MANHATTAN WILDE, and MEL VEE, podcasted by JUST JOSHING, with photography by TET M PHOTOGRAPHY

is thrilled to shine the spotlight on these authors:

Alyssa Linn Palmer
(she’s SULTRY)

Amy Jo Fleming
(she’s a SURPRISE)

A.M. Westerling
(she’s… SWEETLY Sultry!!)

B.C. Deeks
(she’s SWEET)

Brenda Sinclair
(she’s sweet)

Bernice Bohnet

Billie Turner
(she’s a brand NEW DEBUT)

Elizabeth Kelly
(she’s. SO, SULTRY)

Gwen Knight
(she’s AWESOME)

Jan O’Hara
(she’s sweet and SASSY)

Jenna Howard
(she’s SULTRY… filthy)

Jilly Jaxx
(she’s… UNIQUE)

Jude Pittman
(she’s… sweet but VERSATILE)

Katie O’Connor
(she’s gonna be SWEET this time)

Kymber Morgan
(she’s just AMAZING)

Mahrie G. Reid
(she’s SMART)

Melanie Stanford
(she’s SWEET)

Nancy M. Bell
(she’s romantic)

Rayanne Haines
(she’s SULTRY… 18+)

Sasha White
(she’s SULTRY)

Shelley Kassian
(she’s SWEET and dark)

S.L. Dickson
(She’s WARM)

Suzanne Stengl
(she’s sweet)

Tina Griffith
(she’s suspensfully SEXY)

Victoria Chatham
(she’s SWEET with a touch of SIZZLE)

and, of course, me

M. Jane Colette
(I’m filthy-flirty and funny)

SULTRY & sweet SUMMER reads YYC

Mark  your c alendars for Calgary’s first romance reader festival! Come celebrate the romance novel and love stories in all their complications and get up close and personal with some of the steamiest and sweetest authors in the genre!

noon – 4 pm
Eau Claire Market

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READERS: Stay in the loop by RSVPing to the Facebook Event, or checking in here. The event is fabulously FREE, and if you would like to contribute to its success by volunteering, contact M. Jane Colette at to find out how you can get involved.

AUTHORS: This first-of-its-kind event for yyc will showcase local romance authors. Local = Calgary and Alberta, although “remote” members of the Calgary Association of the Alberta Romance Writers of America and the Alberta Romance Writers Association are welcome to participate. Romance = … actually, kitten, I don’t have to define romance for you, do I? Didn’t think so. Contact M. Jane Colette at to find out how you can get involved.

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