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You: Hey, Jane. I’ve heard you’re a killer speaker and teacher.

Me: I am. Let’s talk…

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Please note: All of the courses I offer as M. Jane Colette are intended for adult writers, even the ones that are rated GENERAL. I offer youth/family workshops under another name & brand; contact me to discuss.


More Than A Guilty Pleasure: Mastering the Romance Novel Form to Tell the Perfect Story // 8-week (16-hour) course

Learn to seduce a reader from the first sentence through to the heart-thumping, breath-taking, you-knew-it-was-coming-but-not-this-way! happy ending.Motivated students will be given the structure and support to complete a first draft of a romance novel by week 8; beginning students will learn how to play with tropes, tension, pacing, climaxes (dramatic and other), dialogue, and character development. (18+)


Writing Erotica: a filthy flirty workshop for the bold and the shy alike (2 hour + 5 hour versions)

Whether you love to write dirty, wish you could (but you can’t, OMG, how do people even think such things!!), or wonder what the heck’s wrong with authors who do, this workshop will help you apply the tools and rules that make for good, effective “can’t stop turning the pages” erotica to all of your writing. The workshop Includes some Freefall-style writing exercises to seduce your inner muse, ruthless editing tips, and guidelines on how to beta-read and critique steamy sex scenes. (18+)

Seducing the Reader: Smutty Writing Techniques to Subvert Your Censor & Create Page-Turning Prose in All Genres (2 hour + 5 hour version)

People kept on asking me for a PG-13 version of the Erotica Workshop. I finally figured out WHAT it was they were asking for. The smutty writing techniques good erotica writers use translate into stellar prose no matter your genre. This workshop shows you how to subvert your inner censor and create “can’t stop turning the pages” prose in your genre–no erotica writing involved. Includes exercises on the how and why of writing prompts, scene secrets and schematics, dialogue didactics (including how to write “texting” scenes), sins of specificity, and the art of writing the other. (GENERAL)

The Organized Creative: planning your writing (creative and business) year – quarter – month – week – and finally day (2-6 hour variants)

This hands-on workshop will show you how to organize your days by realistically planning your year, and working backwards-and-forwards throughout the year to stay on track with your goals. You will also learn how to track and maximize your productivity cycles, use a process journal, value your lazy fallow periods, and use your procrastination to nurture inspiration. (GENERAL)

Plotting As Process & Productivity/Sanity Tool (2.5 and 5 hour versions)

Want to write a novel in 15 minute chunks? It’s easy—so long as you have a road map and understand that writing is only one part of the process. Drawing on the “dirty writing secrets” of productive romance and genre writers, this practical workshop demystifies plotting and presents it to writers as an ongoing process that begins the moment you get the idea for your novel, and continues throughout the writing and editing stages. Suitable for both beginners who are afraid of plotting and advanced, published authors who want to up their productivity game. (GENERAL)

Writer, Artist, Mother: Living, Writing & Creating Without Selling Your Children Or Losing Yourself

Kids, dinner, dishes, day job–and when, exactly, are you making your art, writing your novel, and taking care of your soul? M. Jane Colette built a career as a legal affairs and business writers and published four novels (and counting) and an assortment of short stories, poetry, and non-fiction while homeschooling her three children. Join her for a full-day, hands-on workshop on radical prioritization and creative organization, and leave with practical, immediately implementable techniques that will make you love more, create more, laugh more–and also, sleep and fuck more.   (18+)



I have tight one-hour versions of the following workshops:

  • The Organized Creative (G)
  • Writing Erotica (18+)
  • Smutty Writing Secrets (G)
  • More Than A Guilty Pleasure: Romance Novels as Revolution (18+)
  • Plotting as Process (G)
  • Writer, Artist, Mother (G)

As well as one-hour presentations on the following:

Kink, BDSM, Consent, and Feminism in Romance and Genre Novels (18+)

  • 101 Version for Readers and the Intrigued
  • 201 Version for Authors Writing Kink

Writing the World You Want to Live In: Diversity & Inclusivity in Life and Fiction (G)

Writing diversely or inclusively does not mean putting a Korean corner store owner and a Punjabi Uber car driver in your short story to give it some “colour.” This practical presentation starts with living diversely and reading diversely, before tackling writing inclusively. I deliver with presentation with one to three colleagues, selected with the make-up of the audience we are addressing in mind.

Variant: Your Responsibility When Writing “the Other”

How To Work A Conference: from Goal Setting through to Post-Con Follow-Up (G)

You’ve spent a lot of time and money to get yourself to the Romance Writers of America Nationals, Emerald City, Boucheron, Comicon, the Booklovers Conference, SiWC, or When Words Collide. Now what? This practical presentations tell you how to work a conference as an introverted (dare we say, shy?) creative, with tips on goal setting (and execution), pacing, connecting, and following up.

Note: Check out My RT Virgin Diary for a play-by-play of how I work an important conference.


Creative & Healthy: simple routines, practices & HABIT DISRUPTORS for people who sit & think too much (G)

This short, practical presentation focuses on simple routines, practices, and behaviour patterns that you can immediately deploy to maintain your spinal, joint, digestive and mental/emotional health while spending hours a day hunched over a computer and listening to the voices in your head. 

Due to time constraints, these are presentations and not hands-on workshops.

I’m also happy to work with your group to develop a presentation (or workshop or course) that’s tailor-made to your needs.


M. Jane Colette is the author of the erotic romance Tell Me, the genre-breaking tragedy-with-a-happy-ending Consequences (of defensive adultery), the award-winning rom-com Cherry Pie Cure (recipient, inter alia, of the 2018 IBA Next Generation Award in the chick lit category), and the Text Me, Cupid series, as well as the non-fiction collection of essays Rough Draft Confessions: not a guide to writing and selling romance and erotica but full of inside insight anyway. She has numerous publication credits in anthologies and magazines–most recently, in the Coffin Hop Press collection, Baby, It’s Cold Outside. She’s also the curator of the YYC Queer Writers anthologies Queer Christmas in Cowtown, Screw Chocolate, Screw Chocolate 2, and the up-coming A Queer Summer Night in Cowtown.

Under another name, she is a seasoned legal affairs and business journalist, with publication credits in virtually every Canadian business publication, and a myriad of award nominations for her work in making business and law sound really, really sexy.


Jane brings to teaching writing more than two decades of experience of earning her living writing. Her philosophy, experience and the resulting advice are eminently practical. They focus on developing technique, skills, habit, and discipline and getting things done. She has a knack for breaking down complex concepts into easily digestible chunks. In fact, a cornerstone of what she teaches is to chunk everything: novels get written in chunks, plotting happens in chunks, and a career gets built one day, one page at a time.