February 3: Passionate Heart Facebook Launch Party! #newrelease #hotread #readromance

Remember the not new release from my sisters at Passionate Ink? (That’s the “some like it hot” chapter of the Romance Writers of America, founded by Sylvia Day back in the day.) Today, we are having a Facebook Party to properly launch it.


Passionate Hearts: A Collection of Erotic Romance

All profits from sales will benefit the American Heart Association and ProLiteracy.

From dancers at a masquerade ball to Olympic ski medalists to bakers to lovers from out of this world, there is something for every romantic to savor in this sexy collection! Erotic adventures include:

  • The Crazy Chick from Valentine’s Day by Cameron Allie
  • The Huntress and the Hawk: A Masquerade Club Story by Kim Allred
  • Lower: The Real Fling #1.5 by Lyla Bellatas
  • Flame’s Burning Valentine by Trinity Blacio
  • Accidental Cupid by M. Jane Colette <<< ME!
  • A Jinx, a Journal, and a Juliette by Jane Colt
  • Just Friends by Cynthia W. Gentry
  • Fluidity by Moxie Malone
  • The Masquerade by Katherine McLellan
  • Forever Valentine by Kathleen Samuels
  • Valentine Cookie Magic by Cadence Vonn


The Masquerade by Katherine McLellan

All Brianna Bayston wanted was anonymity.

A Valentine’s Day Masquerade sex party was the perfect way to have a one night stand without the hassle. There she meets a masquerade-masked man she calls “Yes, Sir” with the scorching body of a warrior that makes her groan with lust. Her wildest desires and wanton needs are fulfilled within his muscular arms.

But when two of the most important things in her life go missing – her best friend and her treasured necklace – Brianna has to decide just how far she wants take a one night stand.

Fluidity by Moxie Malone

Tasha always took care in making herself look attractive for Slade or, more precisely, on him. She thought of herself as an accessory—something meant to enhance the wearer. Tonight, she and Clare would be worn like cuff links to the opening of the members-only section of Fluidity – a gallery that draws an audience with very specific tastes.

The gallery’s management caters to their clientele’s preferences with an ever-revolving selection of art offerings exclusively for those with a refined appetite for the heightened pleasures that flow like sweet honey – thrilling, expensive and utterly intoxicating. Tonight’s Valentine’s Day theme: Living Art for Lovers.

Valentine Cookie Magic by Cadence Vonn

Everyone clambers for Kacie’s Valentine Cookies, believing when eaten, people fall in love. Personally, she believes in the get-to-know-you-in-bed method. However, once a year she bakes the special treats to sell in the family bakery. It’s also the day she relieves her sexual drought and has a one-day fling with Braden, a friend of her brother. A pathetic tradition for the last few years, she still hopes he’ll show again this year, although she has no illusions it will lead to a future together.

Adrian, Braden’s friend, has been tasked with telling Kacie that Braden would be late and to see she gets to the diner for their meet up. But the moment he spies the redheaded beauty he has other plans…to make her, his, for more than a one-day fling. Between sex and cookies, he’ll entice her into his bed, and prove he’s the better man to please her for the rest of her life.

The Huntress and the Hawk: A Masquerade Club Story by Kim Allred

Maude Renaud, owner of Masquerade Club, offers an outlandishly wicked business arrangement to partners of the hottest sex-club in Manhattan—an ironclad deal assuring national acclaim.

However, the deal depends on a personal assessment of Masquerade by one of the partners. Beyond irritated, she grants Gaven Sinclair everything the club has to offer. And his timing couldn’t be worse. Preparations for Maude’s infamous Valentine’s Day Ball are in full swing.

But her perfect partnership may be in jeopardy. Maude never mixes her business with her pleasure. And what she wants from Gaven Sinclair is anything but a partnership.

Lower: The Real Fling #1.5 by Lyla Bellatas

Maid of honor and perpetual nerd magnet, Eloa “Lo” Silva can’t believe the sexiest man she’s ever seen is interested in her. Has to be a joke, right? Wouldn’t be the first time.

Best man and Olympic ski champ, Giuseppe “Joe” Bianchi, wins Lo over and after one awesome night of seeing, conquering and coming he runs.

Four months later, at his best friend’s wedding, Joe does everything in his power to right the worst wrong he’s made with the most incredible woman he’s met. Will Joe be lucky enough to get a second chance?

Sometimes the lower you plunge, the higher you can soar.

… an something completely different:

Flame’s Burning Valentine by Trinity Blacio

Throughout the planets there are hubs, stations for international travel between the worlds, and on occasion there are a few that must be hidden among the inhabitants of that world. One such station is Kinsale Hub.

The small town of Kinsale, Ireland a cover for the activities that really go on beyond human eyes.

For a taste of my story, ACCIDENTAL CUPID, go here.


and of course, wherever else in the world you are.








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