Filthy (really filthy) Feature Friday Bonus: FILTHY APPEAL by Ramona Gray #excerpt #nswf #menage #hotread

What do you want for Christmas, kitten? Him? And him? Two of them? As you wish. It is Christmas, and sultry Canadian authoress Ramona Gray is here to make your filthy dreams come true…

(Note: this was going to be your post-Christmas present for next week, but I’m taking next week off, and late Christmas presents are, well, late, and kinda bad manners, so you can have it now. You at the mall doing some last minute Christmas shopping? Grab a latte. A seat in a quiet corner. Set your phone on silent. Enjoy…)

My name is Libby Brecken and I’m a nice girl. Of course, being a nice girl doesn’t always have its benefits. I may have just become the youngest partner to be hired at Martin, Clarke and Bones law firm but a cheating ex-boyfriend has left me with low self-esteem and a non-existent sex life.

But that’s all behind me now. It’s Christmas and I’m giving myself a present. One night of hot, anonymous sex with a stranger. When two gorgeous and sexy men approached me at the bar and offered me a two-for-one gift, I was certain it was a Christmas prank. But Seth and Theo made it perfectly clear they wanted to unwrap me like a present while I sucked on their… candy canes, and I couldn’t resist.

Merry f*cking Christmas to me – emphasis on the f*cking.

​Only Seth and Theo weren’t who I thought they were. I never expected to see them again, until I walked into my office Monday morning to find my new associates were the two men who dominated me two nights ago. Luckily, they’re more than happy to take orders from me in the office. But once it’s quitting time, it’s clear who’s in charge…

Author’s Note: This deliciously filthy Christmas novella contains explicit and steamy sex scenes, including mfm, anal sex and spanking.

Jane’s Note: How the fuck am I supposed to get anything done this weekend? Thanks, R.

Filthy Appeal by Ramona Gray

“Libby,” I whispered.  “My name is Libby.  He got it wrong.”

“See?  Complete idiot,” the dark-haired man said.  “My name is Seth and this is my friend Theo.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Libby.”  Theo held out his hand and after a moment I shook it.  His hand had rough calluses as well that scraped across my palm.  “Are you visiting our city for pleasure or business?”

“I just moved here.  I’m staying at the hotel tonight because my, uh, place isn’t ready until tomorrow.”

“Welcome to Mansford,” Seth said.  “I assure you that not all the men here are assholes like old Dwayne.”

I shrugged and Seth leaned closer.  I shivered when I felt his warm breath on the side of my face.  “He’s wrong, Libby.  You look – ”

“I know what I look like,” I interrupted.  “Thank you for the glass of wine but I’m dying of embarrassment and I want to forget this ever happened.”

I grabbed my purse but before I slid off the stool, Seth said, “Libby, wait.”

The command in his voice kept me frozen to the stool.  I didn’t object when he tugged my purse from my hand and placed it back on the bar before taking my hand and rubbing his thumb over my palm.

I was trembling and my skin felt hot and tight.  I watched Seth’s thumb rub across my palm and shamefully made a soft moan when he leaned in and brushed his lips against my cheek.

“You’re beautiful, Libby and much too good for a man like him.”

“I’m not,” I whispered.

“You are,” he insisted.  “Look at me.”

I dragged my gaze away from his thumb and stared into his eyes.  They were the colour of dark chocolate and a shiver went down my spine when he dipped his head and pressed a feather-light kiss against my mouth.

I whimpered quietly, my body arching toward him and a ghost of a smile crossed his lips.  “Beautiful and responsive.  Your turn, Theo.”

I blinked at him but before I could ask him what he meant, Theo was cupping the back of my neck and tugging gently on it.  I turned to face him and moaned when his mouth descended on mine.  The tip of his tongue traced my lower lip and I parted my lips immediately.  He pulled back and smiled at me, squeezing the back of my neck before dropping his hand from my neck and picking up his beer.

He took a long drink as I said in a low and shaky voice, “What is happening?”

“Why are you in this bar tonight, Libby?”  Seth’s voice was right in my ear and I licked my lips as both men crowded close.  The babbled conversation of the other patrons in the bar faded away and I had to work very hard not to lean against the warm bodies of either men.  Their shoulders brushed mine and their heads were tilted toward me.

“I came here because I,” my face flushed, “I couldn’t sleep and I thought a nightcap might help.”

Seth’s eyebrow arched up and he glanced at Theo.  “Do you believe her, Theo?”

“No,” Theo said with a small grin.  “Do you?”

Seth shook his head and I gasped when his big hand rested on my thigh.  His fingers pushed between them and he rubbed my inner thigh as Theo put his hand on my lower back and traced tiny circles.

“I think you’re lying to us, sweetheart,” Seth said.

“I’m not,” I whispered.

“Lying gets you a spanking,” Theo said.

All the muscles in my pussy clenched in a heart-stopping spasm of pleasure and my nipples beaded into hard points.  I was nearly panting now and a flush was rising up my neck.  Why did the thought of being spanked by them bring a shameful amount of liquid to my pussy?  Spanking wasn’t my kink.

RAMONA GRAY is a Canadian romance author.  She currently lives in Alberta with her awesome husband and her super cute dog.  She’s addicted to home improvement shows, good coffee, and reading and writing about the steamier moments in life.

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