Flirty Feature Friday: CHRISTMAS WISH by Amanda Siegrist #holidayromance #excerpt

I have never met anyone who loves Christmas more than Amanda Siegrist, and so she was my first go-to author when I decided to shower you with love and lust during my least favourite time of the year. (Because, balance. Balance!) Amanda has an entire sexy Holiday Romance Series–of course she does–and she wants you to get a taste of Christmas Wish:

What if you had one wish granted for Christmas? What would it be?

Acting reckless isn’t something Bentley Wilson is known for, but when he runs back into a burning building to save a little girl’s puppy after specifically told not to do so, that’s exactly how most of the town sees him, especially the fire chief who insists he has to help with the annual Christmas party because of his behavior. Throw in the fact the woman he pined over for too long is getting married, this holiday is going to go down as one of the worst. Until he meets Emma Brookes. She’s feisty, headstrong, and holds so much pain hidden in the depths of her beautiful green eyes. He wants nothing more than to erase her sadness. But it’s already a season of disaster, and every time they’re together, they spar like two warriors dueling to the death. Despite that, he likes the challenge, the crazy way she makes him feel. Before the holiday is up, he vows to get his one Christmas wish. That she never leaves his side.

by Amanda Siegrist

The kiss caught him off guard, but that didn’t mean he let her go. If anything, his hands tightened around her waist.

He didn’t plan much for the evening, other than tossing in a movie and munching on some snacks. His instincts had said he should take things slowly, so he didn’t frighten her away. And here she was throwing herself in his arms, demanding he move this show along.

Part of him didn’t think this was the right plan. Even as he held her, he could see the pain in her eyes.

She was using him.


His name slid out of her mouth in an erotic whisper. Ignoring the sexual tension between them wouldn’t be easy if he put a stop to it. He didn’t want to.

But he also didn’t want her to use him to block out whatever was bothering her.

The desire slowly started to disappear from her eyes when he didn’t respond. He couldn’t have that.

Emma was different. She didn’t express her feelings in the same way others did. He knew there was a lingering pain hidden inside, but she wouldn’t share until she was ready.

Wasn’t his life a complete mess at the moment? Daphne getting married and everyone feeling sorry for him because they knew he pined over her for way too long. Getting reamed out by his boss for saving a puppy. Some of the townsfolk looking at him as if he was a loose cannon because he ran into a burning building after being told not to.

He needed to release some pain as well.

They could do it together. Screw the consequences. He had no doubt there would be plenty of consequences.

Before the want died in her eyes, he slid his hands to her ass and scooped her up. Her legs immediately went around his waist as a small delighted squeal left her mouth. He started to pepper small, tiny kisses to her neck as he made his way down the hallway to his bedroom.

“I hope you don’t run into a wall.”

“Are you saying I can’t effectively kiss you and walk at the same time?” he asked as his tongue traced from her neck to her ear, slowly and deliciously. She tasted so damn sweet.


She screamed playfully when he tossed her in the air. Her eyes widened with surprise. Laughter filled the air as she landed on the soft king-size bed.

“That wasn’t nice.” Her eyes begged him to come closer.

“Teasing me has consequences. You have been warned.”

Her finger traced her bottom lip, then slowly made a path down her chest and to the edge of her shirt. His body roared to life at the tantalizing show before him. The little minx was doing more than simple teasing. She was enticing to the point of madness.

“You don’t scare me, Bentley.”

He pounced quickly, jumping on the bed and hovering over her body before she could escape. Another enchanting laugh left her lips. If he could, he’d listen to her laugh all day, every day. She had the sweetest, most adorable laugh he had ever heard.

His finger trailed the same path she took, except when he got to the edge of her shirt, he pulled it up and over her head. A black lacy bra covered her ample breasts, her rosy nipples perky and waiting for him to devour. He didn’t wait either, clamping his mouth over a taut nipple and sucked hard.

She arched into him at the touch, her hands grabbing him on the back, squeezing his shirt tightly.

He lightly bit her nipple before backing away, meeting her gaze. “I might not scare you, but I plan to keep you on your toes.”
(Copyright © 2018 Amanda Siegrist)

The entire Holiday Romance Novel series: (Each book can be read as a standalone.)

♡  Merry Me: Elliot & Lynn (FREE on all retailers)

♡  Mistletoe Magic: Aiden & Theresa

♡ Christmas Wish: Bentley & Emma

AMANDA SIEGRIST, in her own words: I love anything that has to do with romance. As long as there’s a happy ending, I’m a happy camper. I love baseball (Go Twins!) and creating awesome crafts. I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice, working in that field for several years before I became a stay-at-home mom. When I’m not hanging out with my wonderful family, I’m writing a sweet contemporary romance or a romantic suspense that keeps you guessing until the end. I have a few more amazing stories in the works.

To stay in touch with Amanda, you can find her on Facebook (where she throws rather fabulous parties) or subscribe to her newsletter (

We are gonna kill Christmas this year, kittens. I’m totally NOT the least bit depressed yet.






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