Meet Jennifer Lee and the Right-Brain Business Plan

mjc-Sell Tell Me

On-going theme: I’m really struggling with the idea of having to be a marketer and seller of what I write. And the idea of developing a business plan or a marketing plan made me–I don’t want to say gag, but, you know, something very like it.

Then I was introduced to Jennifer Lee’s Right-Brain Business Plan. It hasn’t unfortunately, solved all my problems, but it did help me get at things in a way that my Right self loved.

Left: It was so lame and cartoony.

Yeah, my Left self had some issues. But she always does. Here, this is the test. Look at this picture:

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 2.39.46 PM

If your reaction is–Cool! then you’ll enjoy Lee’s approach and find it helpful.

If your reaction is–Lame! then, look for another resource…

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Writer. Reader. Angster. Reformed Bohemian (not). Author of the erotic romance Tell Me, the erotic tragedy (with a happy ending) Consequences (of defensive adultery), and the rom-com (she's versatile) Cherry Pie Cure, as well as the non-fiction collection of essays Rough Draft Confessions: not a guide to writing and selling erotica and romance but full of inside inside anyway. Coming in 2018: Text Me, Cupid, a steamy romance in four episodes. Current WiPs: Queer Christmas in Cowtown, Jewel of the Not-So-Spectacular Boobs, All In the Cards, and Un-Valentine. Yes, working on four projects simultaneously is a spectacularly bad idea.

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