More Than A Guilty Pleasure: Mastering the Romance Novel Form To Tell the Perfect Story


More Than A Guilty Pleasure: Mastering the Romance Novel Form to Tell the Perfect Story

Learn to seduce a reader from the first sentence through to the heart-thumping, breath-taking, you-knew-it-was-coming-but-not-this-way! happy ending.  Motivated students will be given the structure and support to complete a first draft of a romance novel by week 8; beginning students will learn how to play with tropes, tension, pacing, climaxes (dramatic and other), dialogue, and character development.

Mondays, September 24 to November 19, 2018
7 pm to 9 pm
Alexandra Writers’ Centre Society @ cSpace, 1721 29 Ave SW, Calgary AB


WRITING PROMPTS for Homework will be posted on bt 4 am MST.

SLIDE DECKS and resource notes for each week’s class will be posted at each Monday night. You need a password to access the week’s slide deck and lessons, which will be given in class, and the class is held in person, in Calgary. Out-of-town folks–sorry! But, I travel–ask me to come visit. 😉

Week 1 (Sept 24) – Foundation, Writer Math, Making Time, Practice (live)

Week 2 ( Oct 1) – 3 Act Structure, Your Idea, Writing Drunk, Your Characters

(Oct 8 Thanksgiving No Classes BUT YOU HAVE HOMEWORK)

Week 3 (Oct 15) – To Plot or To Plan, Chunking

Week 4 (Oct 22) – Act 1: from INCITING INCIDENT to first CLIMAX

Week 5 (Oct 29) – Act 2, Part 1: avoiding the SAGGY MIDDLE

Week 6 (Nov 5) – Act 2, Part 2: crafting the DARK MOMENT

Week 7 (Nov 12) – Act 3: towards the HAPPILY EVER AFTER

Week 8 (Nov 19) – Next Steps: from revising through to publishing