Diary of An RT Virgin: Atlanta 2017 in words & photos

Did you RT? Do you want to? It was an UNBELIEVABLE experience. Here, you can relive it with me:

…and mark your calendar for RT18 in Reno, May 15-20.

Where’s Day 6?

… in an envelope in my studio! I spent the morning trying to cram ALL THE BOOKS into my carry on. Failed. Tried to leave some behind. Failed. Got a bigger suitcase… And then, I mostly said good-bye to friends. And also met some new people… It was a really lovely last day.

And then I got home and had to deal with two new releases coming out six weeks apart, and…

Excuses, I know.

Also, promises: before RT18, I will go through my box and maybe give you some more pretty pictures.

BOOKS by M. Jane Colette

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