We went to the library, and then there were drinks #textmecupid #launchparty

There is a marvellous place in yyc called Betty Lou’s Library, loosely modelled on the Prohibition Era speakeasies in the US, and I’d tell you more about it, but I think you should just go and see it. On Thursday, I took my street team there to celebrate that little launch thing I’ve got going on:

PS Today, the ONLINE launch party is at Amanda Siegrist’s Blog!

As you know, I love love love to throw parties, but it’s been such an intense fall, I could not manage an event on the scale of the Tell Me launch. But, I also needed to celebrate launch day with my people. You know? I know theoretically, it’s just another day. Yes, it’s the first day the book is available for sale, and rankings start to rumble, and all of that, but really, if you over-invest yourself in that one day–and if you judge the success of your book by either the fireworks or the crickets on D-Day–you will go mad. So in some ways, it’s just another day. But it’s also the book birthday, and you gotta celebrate.

We celebrated.

I drank too much.

I had the BEST shoes on, btw. You can’t see them here–but they were phenomenal Fluevogs and they rocked.

My parents, who could not be more supportive of my career as a literary pornographer, were there, too:

No, they haven’t read Text Me, Cupid yet. I didn’t give them one of my proof copies. ;P

The Text Me, Cupid online LAUNCH party continues this week through Friday, and if you haven’t entered for a chance to win my last print ARC–visit one of my fab party hosts, and enter yourself to win! I had a funny exchange with someone this week, by the way, it went like this:

HIM: So, what’s new?

Me: My latest book released on December 6, so I’m ear-deep in launch stuff.

HIM: Oh, yeah? Doing anything else?

No. No, actually, not really. Isn’t launching a book enough? LOL (Seriously, I’m not doing anything else. I don’t know what the children are eating. I’ll make it up to them over Christmas.)

And, my releases of Messy Christmas, the first episode of Text Me, Cupid, continue this week on Wednesday and Saturdays. To catch up with them, visit Messy Christmas Scene Schedule.

TEXT ME, CUPID online LAUNCH party #textmecupid  💘 Casey’s Corner (Tues, Nov 26, 2018)  💘 Sip, Read, Love (Thurs, Nov 28, 2018)  💘 Alyssa Linn Palmer (Sat., Nov 30, 2018)  💘 UnConventional Bookworms (Mon, Dec 3, 2018)  💘 Romance Novel Giveaways (Wed, Dec 5, 2018)  💘 SJ’s Book Blog (Thurs, Dec 6, 2018)  💘 Cameron Allie (Fri, Dec 7, 2018) 💘 Dirty Bad Bloggers (Sat, Dec 8, 2018) 💘 The Genre Minx Book Reviews (Sun, Dec 9, 2018) 💘 Amanda Siegrist (Mon, Dec 10, 2018) 💘 Stephanie’s Book Reports (Tues, Dec 11, 2018) 💘 2 Chicks & A Book (Wed, Dec 12, 2018) 💘 Angelica Dawson (Thurs, Dec 13, 2018) 💘 Roxana Nastase (Fri, Dec 14, 2018)

Also, reviews are rolling in, and I’d like to thank Enticing Book Promotions for rounding up bloggers and reviewers for me–what a weight off! Their release day blitz organization was amazing as well.

Thank you all so much for helping me celebrate my launch!

If you’d like to share and spread the word, here are some links:

Tomorrow, we write. 😉







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