Welcome to Day 44 and Chapter 44 of the Consequences Audio Tour!

If you’re in a hurry to listen to Chapter 44: AGAIN WITH THE CONFESSION, run to WOPSY WOO BOOK BLOG RIGHT NOW!

You: Hey, what’s with the password-protected post right beside this one?

Me: Run run to WOPSY WOO BOOK BLOG to find out!

But if you have a few minutes, please stay with me so that I can introduce you to another awesome blog and another awesome human: WOPSY WOO BOOK BLOG, the playground of a “a book loving girl who loves books.”

Connect with Wopsy Woo Book Blog on

Wopsy Woo Book Blog is maintained by Louise, who reviews and talks about books new and old, “just because ya know.”

Want to get to know Louise a little more? Of course you do, because she’s awesome and so are you, and awesome people should know each other. Here she is, in her own words:

Hmmm, *finger on lips* what to tell you about me.

O.k, let’s start with my name, that’s easy, its Louise. I’m a mother of twin boys. I  have 2 cats who were both strays, both female called Penny (or Pennifer, Pennypoo or just plain Pen) and Frank. (or Frankenfurter, Frankie or Frankle) If you’re dying to know why Frank is named so, its because I thought he were a bloke. My bad. She’s used to it now so there’s no point changing it. I’m a dog person really. Or elephants, but you can’t have them as pets. Obviously.

I have no other useful or great stories to tell you about me. *sad face* But if I have intrigued you, follow my blog, if you want, or don’t, whatever.

Totally follow her blog, cause it’s awesome.

(For some reason, I know urgently WANT an elephant for a pet.)

I’ve just got to say—isn’t Wopsy Woo a terrific name for a book blog? It’s just so fun. Altho it did make me do an awful lot of due diligence when I first found it to make sure that Louise’s book loving included my kind of high class smut.

And I was so happy to find out yes, it did, and I am beyond thrilled that Wopsy Woo Book Blog  accepted my invitation to be part of the Consequences  Audio Tour.  I hope their readers enjoy the AGAIN WITH THE CONFESSION chapter, in which—WHAM!


Yeah. I like the way that chapter ends.

A lot.

(I hope you will too!)

Thank you, Louise & WOPSY WOO BOOK BLOG!

And you–RUN over to the blog and experience CHAPTER 44: AGAIN WITH THE CONFESSION!

For more information about the tour, visit

For more information about the book, visit


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