Stop 41: DIRTY GIRL ROMANCE, host of CHRISTMAS DAY #ConAudioTour

Welcome to Day 41 & Chapter 41 of the Consequences Audio Tour!

If you’re in a hurry to listen to Chapter 41: CHRISTMAS DAY, run to DIRTY GIRL ROMANCE RIGHT NOW!

You: Hey, what’s with the password-protected post right beside this one?

Me: Run run to DIRTY GIRL ROMANCE to find out!

The password to unlock today’s secret chapter, as throughout the tour, is on the day’s blog host’s blog–but please take a few minutes to get to know today’s host DIRTY GIRL ROMANCEyour place for kink, spice and everything nice.

Connect with Dirty Girl Romance Book Blog on:

I won’t tell you how I found Dirty Girl Romance today (it’s a great story tho, which is why I’m saving it) because I want to use this space to tell you about Dirty Girl Romance blog owner and mastermind Lana, in her own words, because that’s the best way to make you understand WHY I HAD TO HAVE HER ON THIS TOUR (yes, I am shouting):

“My name is Lana, and I’m a romance book addict. There is no cure for my addiction, so I have come to wholeheartedly embrace it.

I love a good Romance, whether it be Contemporary, New Adult, Romantic Suspense, PNR, or sweet sweet MM Romance, though my preference as of late tends to lean towards the darker and grittier reads. I do NOT read books without a HEA, my poor sensitive little heart can’t handle it. I may be a dirty girl, but I still have feelings dammit! Don’t judge me! I may like my Romance books dirty, but I am a delicate fucking flower.

I’ve been reading Erotic Romance since before the FSoG explosion. I mean, there’s nothing hotter than a good sexy love scene. But I do have standards, I’d like a great story to go along with my delicious smut. …

I have this amazing ability to turn even the innocent phrase into a dirty one. It’s a gift really. I also have an incredibly dirty mouth. I’m pretty sure that I can make a sailor blush.

If a truck driver and a sailor came together to make one foul mouthed and sarcastic love child, that would be me.”

Dirty Girl Romance is an immensely successful blog, and Lana’s helped out by  Jennifer, a psychology professor who confesses to her Kindle being her security blanket (seriously—she feels naked without it) and Geri, who devours romance because “romance is the only genre where the woman gets what she wants: the man (or woman), the orgasms, the career and everything else in between.” YES! Exactly. This.

I can’t tell you how happy I am that Dirty Girl Romance accepted my invitation to be part of the Consequences  Audio Tour, and I hope their readers enjoy the CHRISTMAS DAY chapter, in which everything comes to a fabulous, boiling head-on explosion… and you think… how is she going to pull this back together into an HEA?

Don’t worry, fragile flowers. I got your back here. There’s not one, but three, HEAs coming in the final seven chapters. But first… a little more drama… which today is on DIRTY GIRL ROMANCE!

Now, RUN (really, RUN, this chapter is worthy it) to her blog and experience CHAPTER 41: CHRISTMAS DAY.

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