Look what INSIDE ROMANCE did for my birthday!


OK, I don’t know that they know it’s my birthday. They probably don’t. They just did it. Because they’re lovely.

Inside Romance is a brand new romance e-book store, spun off The Romance Reviews e-zine/website. I like TRR a lot, and when they contacted their authors to let them know about their new store venture, I was very excited–in the wake of the nasty closure of All Romance E-Books, and the resulting dire predictions for crashes among other similar ventures, I was really happy to see someone  seeing and seizing opportunity (instead of carping on about the end of the world and hard times and tough market bla bla bla).

I was thrilled to let Inside Romance retail both Consequences (Of Defensive Adultery) and Cherry Pie Cure. The store was opening in May and Cherry Pie Cure wasn’t coming out until June 15–but, because I had produced it for the Smashwords thumbdrive distributed at the Romantic Times Convention in Atlanta in the first week of May, it was done and ready to go–so I was able to offer it to Inside Romance as an exclusive, from their grand opening on May 2 through to Cherry Pie Cure‘s official release on June 15.

Ad they did this lovely thing for me. On my birthday. Squee. I’m so happy. And people are so good.

You: Um, Jane, isn’t the title of your new release Consequences (Of Defensive Adultery)?

Jane: I have two coming out six weeks apart. Not the best idea, honestly, but one needs to carpe diem and all that, you know?

OK, so if you want to know what this Cherry Pie Cure of which I speak is, and how it came to be, read How A Story Is Born and then visit SusansWritingCureBlog.com and get a peek at Susan and her blog. Completely different from both Tell Me and Consequences, Cherry Pie Cure is “a lol rom-com for the blogging, texting generation” that answers the question “How dumb does  a man have to be to text with the Other Woman on the family tablet.”

The book releases everywhere on June 15:

Cherry Pie Cure Cover with Shadow

Cherry Pie Cure

E-book pre-orders now live:

AmazonKoboiTunes/iBooksBarnes & Noble ❤ Google Play

Paperback pre-orders coming soon to:

Chapters ❤ Amazon ❤ Powell’s Books ❤ Barnes & Noble ❤ Book Depository

And it’s currently available EXCLUSIVELY at Inside Romance–like, order today and devour the whole thing before 3 a.m.–do make supper and feed your children before you start reading it, because you will not be able to stop–and I’m going to show you a screen shot of that banner again, because it’s my birthday and I’m totally claiming this as my birthday present:

and big smooches to the Inside Romance folks for this birthday gift. Also, all books purchased thru Inside Romance through to the end of the month are 20% if you use discount code GRAND20. You’re welcome.


Because you don’t know which one to promote and market when and you’re overwhelmed, and you kind of do a shitty job on both as a result.


Well, we live and learn, right?

Anyway… don’t neglect my middle child, ok? She’s a unique snowflake. Have you ever read an erotic tragedy with a happy ending? Probably not.

E-Book available at:

Inside Romance ❤ iBooksKoboAmazon  ❤ Barnes & Noble ❤ Google Play

Paperback at:

ChaptersAmazon Canada ❤ Amazon USBarnes & NobleBook Depository ❤ Powell’s Books and your (hopefully)  favourite retailer


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