Tell Me: Your Story

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ME: “May I be blunt?”

YOU: “Of course.”

ME: “Are you sure? You haven’t really seen me blunt yet.”

YOU: “Now I’m afraid.”

ME: “Good. May I be blunt?”

YOU: …

ME: “Yes?”

YOU: “Yes.”

ME: “What puts you in the mood to fuck?”

For me, it’s words. Obviously. Words in a book, words on a screen. Words in my head. Words in your mouth, oh, your tongue…

Pictures? Thoroughly unnecessary. But part of the reason I wrote Tell Me… was because I can’t find the sorts of words I need, want, very often.

Have you found them?

If you have, I really want to know.

My experience with erotica that really works for me is pretty limited. And so, so catholic. There is, of course, Angela Anaïs Juana Antolina Rosa Edelmira Nin y Culmell. That is, the one and only Anaïs Nin. Get a copy of The Delta of Venus and Little Birds. Don’t borrow someone else’s—I know where their hands have been. (I occasionally dally with Henry Miller, too, but only because he was Nin’s lover.)

Also: Colette. She didn’t exactly write erotica… but Christ. Could she write. She changed literature more than any other woman writer since Jane Austen. Speaking of… imagine, just imagine, how much better the incomparable Austen would have been if she had A) given birth (at least once) B) fucked rapaciously, passionately, recklessly (repeatedly).

Oh, Miss Austen.

Where was I?

ME: “What puts you in the mood to fuck?”

Right. I want to know who you read. Who excites you, pleases you. Makes you cum, with words alone.

Teach me about my creative cohort.

She: “I am your creative cohort. Have you not read my books?”

Me: “Are you? Have I not? Educate me. I want to learn.”

So. Please. Tell me your story. What you like to read. Who you like to read. Tell me below, or, if you’re shy (I get it): / @mjcolette HASHTAGS: #BoldWriters #SexyReaders

You: “I’m flushed. Embarrassed.”

Me: “Beloved. Why? Talking—writing about sex the way real people experience it is one of the most radical acts a woman can engage in. It will change you; it will change the world.”



So. Powerful.

So. Tell me what story stirs you.

Or better yet… write your own.

Change the world.

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