TASTE ME is my exclusive gift to newsletter subscribers. It’s not available for sale or download anywhere else.

Every once in a while, a new reader wants to know WHAT they’re getting before clicking on that download link. I like it. I want you to be discriminating.

So here are a few facts about TASTE ME:

If it was a print book, it would be 158 pages.

It has five parts.

The first three introduce you to each of my first three novels:

Each part includes the first three or five chapters of each novel, and some reviews and context.

The fourth part features three stand-alone short pieces:

  • Therapy
  • The Shy Girl’s Guide to Sexting
  • An Interlude for an Orgasm

It also includes the first three chapters/scenes from Messy Christmas, the first episode of Text Me, Cupid, and a hot outtake from Consequences, A Walk in the Woods.

(My beta readers made me cut it from the novel. They were right. It broke the flow. But it’s so HOT!)

The fifth part features my controversial non-fiction essay, “Writing Romance and Erotica in The Age of Cyber Porn,” originally published in Books By Women. This essay has become the basis for the More Than A Guilty Pleasure presentations I do on WHY we should all read and write romance and erotica not just because it’s hot and fun… but because that’s how we change the world.

It ends with a call to action. Not to buy my books, by the way. But to change the world.

So go on on.

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