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**** 38 of the 48 dates (and 40+ of the spots) are booked!
Pick your chapter ASAP! ****

AVAILABLE DATES AS AT Aug 17: Sun Oct 8 / Sun Oct 22 / Tues Oct 24  / Mon Oct 30 / Wed Nov 1 / Thurs Nov 2 / Sun Nov 5 / Wed Nov 8 / Thurs Nov 9 / Tues Nov 14 /

I am thrilled to invite you to the Audio-Book Blog Tour of Consequences (of defensive adultery), my almost-Christmas-themed erotic tragedy with a happy ending.

THE TIMELINE: September 25 to November 22, 2018, daily (except for Fridays, or, as I fondly call it, the day blog stats plummet—however, if Fridays are THE day that works for you… we can talk; I’m already making one Friday-Saturday swap).

THE CONCEPT: 48 chapters, 48 blogs, 48 days—48 groups of readers hopping across 48 participating blogs to listen to the entire book, win prizes at each of the participating sites, and collect clues to enter the Uber-Fabulous Grand Tour Prize.

QUESTION: Prizes? What prizes?

ANSWER: Well, as usual, e-books made the most cost-effective prizes. 🙂 But, this being an audiobook tour, each blog can give away an ebook and an e-audiobook. The grand end-of-tour prize will be all four of my paperbacks. Readers can enter the Grand Tour Prize up to 48 times over the course of the tour… because each time they enter, they need to provide a clue/code that’s available only on your blog!

COMMENT: OMG, that sounds like a logistical nightmare.

ANSWER: You might be right. Good thinG you’re only responsible for one chapter-post out of 48, and I need to juggle all the rest of it! OMG. It sounds like a logistical nightmare. But that’s ok. I thrive on chaos and challenge. We’re totally going to pull this off.

Each blog will also host a link to the text version of that day’s chapter–that link will be live throughout the blog tour and after, but the text will only be available for 24 hours (to minimize my risk to dem pirates, don’t you know).

THE LOGISTICS: I’ll provide you with everything you need to put into your post, including the link to the audio track, which I’ll host on my servers. You’ve just got to get the post up on your day, on time. And then, give away the day’s prizes—you can do it at the end of the day, or in a week’s time, as you wish. Of course, if you want me to deal with the logistics of the prizes, I’m happy to do that part of it for you too. But I’m assuming you’d prefer to “touch” your readers, old and new, with this process.

THE BENEFIT TO ME: Well, it’s obvious, right? Blog tour. Exposure. Google footprint. Etc.

THE BENEFIT TO YOU: I’m organizing the event in such a way that readers of each blog who get engaged in the story will follow it across all 48 blogs (hopefully going back to catch up as they join us at various points during the tour)—which means you have a great opportunity to cross-pollinate your readership with other blogs.

Because the event unfolds over two months, with only one blog hosting a chapter a day, it’s not a case of readers frantically racing across the participating blogs in the course of a day—they can take their time, and really experience your blog when they land on it.

Each blog will have links to the chapters-posts-blogs that came before it, and contain links to the blogs that will be future hosts.

I’m carefully selecting the book review blogs and authors (my aim is for a 50/50 mix) for synergy, so I hope the end result for all of you will be more readers and more exposure.

MORE BENEFIT TO YOU: I’ll post daily on my blog as well, with links to the day’s host, and post special weekly and to-date recaps each Friday… and generally work my ass off to promote the tour on social media–and, I’ll be using your blog post in on-going promotional material for Consequences throughout the year. Because, benefit to me. 😉 Also—I really do work my ass off. I have references. Do you want them?

QUESTION: How much social media sharing am I going to be expected to do?

ANSWER: As much as you’d normally do on a blog post. If you want to do more and support the other participants, that would be whipped cream and cherries on top and awesome karma–but we all do the best we can. I’m very clear that for me to get the most benefit out of the exercise, I need to promote all posts and all participating blogs throughout the 2 month tour and beyond, and I’ll be doing that full out. You just be your awesome self on the terms that generally work for you and your blog.

INTERESTED? Great. I do want to give you a little more information about the book before you commit though. Now, if I’ve invited you to participate, it means I think your audience would be a good fit for Consequences. But—I could be wrong, and Consequences is a very unusual book. It’s been reviewed and described as “more erotic women’s literature—is that going to be a new thing?” than a standard romance—even though there is a happy ending (you don’t think I’m going to pull it off. But I do. Ha!). The characters and families it deals with are complex. And kind of dysfunctional. There isn’t the kind of relentless d/s sex here that I inflict on you in Tell Me—but what there is… it’s pretty hot, explicit and kinky. Also, I have a foul mouth, and as a result, so do my characters.


You might want to check out the book landing page for Consequences includes a substantial teaser and  review medley, so that you can figure out if this is something your readers would be into. Do take the time to check it out—people say they love surprises. They don’t. They only want to be surprised in a way that’s… you know, pleasurable. So. Do make sure you know what you’re getting yourself and your readers into.

You can also listen to the first chapter of Consequences, “The Photograph,” right here. It’s read by Elisa Kae, who will be the voice of the entire book. This version, she read into her iPhone and sent it to me as a “Happy Launch Day Present!” when the print version of Consequences came out on May 2. I loved her treatment so much I hired her to do the audiobook right then and there.


Sweet. Squee.

Here’s the working schedule. If there’s a specific chapter or day that works best for you, please let me know, and I’ll do my best to accommodate it. If we’ve already talked dates—please confirm that you do want to keep that date, or suggest a different one!

QUESTION: I already have posts scheduled seven days a week! Do I need to bump one in order to host this?

ANSWER: You already have posts scheduled seven days a week? OMG! Respect! Wonder Woman! No, you don’t need to bump. I don’t mind sharing a day. But maybe you need a day off. And a warm bath and a massage maybe? Really? Seven days a week? Suddenly, I feel very lazy…


Note: If you’ve already confirmed participation with me, but did not need a specific date, I don’t have you down on the schedule yet–I’m taking you at your word that “any date and any chapter works for me” is indeed true!

Chapters 1 through 16 and 45 through 48 are booked. There are still spots available in the fabulous middle.

AVAILABLE DATES AS AT Aug 17: Sun Oct 8 / Sun Oct 22 / Tues Oct 24  / Mon Oct 30 / Wed Nov 1 / Thurs Nov 2 / Sun Nov 5 / Wed Nov 8 / Thurs Nov 9 / Tues Nov 14 /

[4 of above dates booked as “flexible, you can move me”]

Chapter Number // Chapter Title // Word Length // Estimated Audio Length // (descriptor, theme warnings) — Post Date

1 // THE PHOTOGRAPH // 1181 words // 11.30 minutes // the set-up (mildly NSFW) — Mon Sept 25 [BOOKED– TomeTender Book Blog]

2 // PINK PANTIES // 961 words // 9:30 minutes // (well… I suppose it’s NSFW? But there’s no sex in it, exactly. Just… a photo… of, you guessed it, pink panties) — Tues Sept 26 [BOOKED–Kim Knight]

3 // HARD TO OPEN //1473 words // 14:50 minutes // (pretty clean) — Wed Sept 27 [BOOKED–Wicked Cool Flight]

4 // ENTER THE ADULTERER // 1658 words // 16:01 minutes // (adultery, NSFW) — Thurs Sept 28 [BOOKED–Misha Elliott]

[no externally scheduled post for Fri Sept 29—weekly recap on my blog]

5 // THE WOMAN IN RED // 1121 words // 11:10 minutes // (adultery, drama, a little bit of NSFW? If you’re really prudish?)  — Sat Sept 30 [BOOKED –]

6 // THE WHORE WHO WORE TURQUOISE // 1709 words // 17 minutes // (starts hot then gets dramatic… a little traumatic for those with adultery/divorce triggers) — Sun Oct 1 [BOOKED for Dirty Bad Bloggers]

7 // CARELESS // 974 words // 10:03 minutes // (and, here comes adultery triggers again) — Mon Oct 2 [BOOKED-Eliza David]

8 // REVENGE SEX // 1287 words // 12:45 minutes // (you’d think this would be an NSFW chapter. And there’s sex in it. But it isn’t that dirty at all) — Tues Oct 3 [BOOKED for Cameron Allie Erotica]

9 // RENAMING DESTINY // 1766 words // 17:35 minutes // (clean, character development chapter) — Wed Oct 4 [BOOKED–So…Whatcha Reading?]

10 // DREAMING OF SILENCE // 993 words // 10 minutes // (clean, off the charts drama) — Thurs Oct 5 [BOOKED–The Reading Cat]

[no externally scheduled post for Fri Oct 6—weekly + to-date recap on my blog]


11 // BABY OIL // 860 words // 8:30 minutes // (sweet and dramatic, with a really hot anal sex scene… so I guess mildly NSFW? You know what? This whole book is mildly NSFW. That’s why we read on Kindles and listen to audiobooks on our phones with headphones…) — Sat Oct 7 [TAKEN–Jenna Howard (can move)]

12 // SPERM DONOR // 749 words // 7:30 minutes // (clean… but a little depressing) — Sun Oct 8

13 // ALWAYS THE WOMAN’S FAULT // 967 words // 10 minutes // (clean, except for the language; downright moralistic) — Mon Oct 9 [HOLD for Reading Out Loud / SJs Book Blog]

[Mon Oct 9 is Canadian Thanksgiving and US Columbus Day—to keep in mind for your scheduling—depending on your audience, this might be a great date to have, or a terrible one]

14 // CUNT IN A BOARDROOM // 1725 words // 17:10 minutes // (the sex is clinical but fuck, this is probably best chapter in the book) — Tues Oct 10 [TAKEN–TL Clark]

15 // BLACKMAIL // 605 words // 6:01 minutes // (short, tight, clean—lynch-point chapter) — Wed Oct 11 [TAKEN–Bookworm Brandee]

16 // MAGIC CARPET RIDE // 804 words // 8 minutes // (dirty and funny… so NSFW… god I loved writing this one) — Thurs Oct 12  [TAKEN — Southern Bred & Read Book Blog]

[no externally scheduled post for Fri Oct 13—aren’t you glad? If you’re superstitious?—weekly + to-date recap on my blog]

17 // CONDOMS IN A SUITCASE // 1032 // 10:15 minutes // (you’d think this one would be dirty but it isn’t) — Sat Oct 14  [TAKEN–Amanda Siegrist]

18 // COMING OUT // 1325 words // 13:12 minutes // (mostly a parenting chapter, with adolescent queer themes) — Sun Oct 15 [BOOKED–Michele Fogal]

19 // PRETTY BOY // 798 words // 8 minutes // (clean… wow, I still didn’t see this one coming) — Mon Oct 16 [BOOKED–Real Tasty Pages]

20 // PROMISCUOUS POLYAMORY // 662 words // 6 minutes // (queer and polyamourous themes) — Tues Oct 17 [BOOKED–Loves Great Reads blog]

21 // EDUCATING PHILISTINES // 897 words // 8:45 minutes// (believe it or not, clean—but kind of sort of adultery trigger maybe) — Wed Oct 18 [TAKEN–RAMPA PA Group [flexible, can move]

22 // FUCKING ARTISTS // 1069 words // 10:30 minutes // (so NSFW, OMFG, this is the second hottest chapter in the book) (BTW, this chapter was performed at YYC’s Ignite Festival’s Sleaze Fest by the Naked Girls Reading – Calgary Chapter, and oh-my. If your target audience is erotic romance readers, THIS is the chapter you want to host) — Thurs Oct 19 [BOOKED–Jenn’s Book Obsession] 

[no externally scheduled post Fri Oct 20—weekly + to-date recap on my blog]

23 // GUILT IN A TEA CUP // 1788 words // 18:03 minutes // (high, high drama; no sex, really, but a second-hand cursory treatment of BDSM practices) — Sat Oct 21 [BOOKED–SULTRY SIRENS]

24 // LABELS // 1589 words // 16 minutes //  (I’m not sure how to describe this one—there’s sort of second-hand sex in it, as described by a non-participant to non-participants, but it’s not really hot; I’d call it pretty clean—queer and polyamorous themes, implied BDSM) — Sun Oct 22

25 // COERCION // 2108 words // 21:08 minutes // (you might think BDSM, you’re wrong—high drama… chockful of development; boiling point chapter… and mostly clean) — Mon Oct 23 [TAKEN–Roxana Nastase [flexible]]

26 // UNGRATEFUL // 1899 words // 19:03 minutes // (clean, complicated) — Tues Oct 24 

27 // DUPLICATE // 894 words // 9 minutes //  (very dramatic and a bit of a downer—critical set up for next chapter) — Wed Oct 25 [BOOKED–A Dreamers Book Blog (Shelby Reeves)]

28 // SECRETS IN A VELVET BAG // 2394 words // 23:33 minutes // (mildly NSFW in a funny way but only NSFW because of the contents of said velvet bag—I don’t think any sex actually happens in it) — Thurs Oct 26 – moved to Fri Oct 27  [BOOKED–Love Indie Romance]

[no externally scheduled post Fri Oct 27; weekly + to-date recap on my blog]

29 // BITTERSWEET COFFEE // 2282 words // 22:45 minutes // (clean, OMG I love this chapter—this is when I knew I had a book… pick this one) — Sat Oct 28  [BOOKED–The Minx Genre Book Reviews]

30 // WORDS ON THE SCREEN // 2314 words //23:08 minutes // (possibly NSFW, but second most powerful chapter on the book, will leave readers crying and so hungry for more) — Sun Oct 29 [BOOKED– Deelylah Mullin]

31 // ADDICTIONS // 1581 words / 15:40 minutes // (starts clean and chick-lit like and then ends with angry sex, so, um… half NSFW?) — Mon Oct 30

[no scheduled post on Tuesday, October 31 – Halloween]

32 // ENABLER // 705 words // 7 minutes // (clean; more importantly, brilliant. I didn’t say so. An acquisitions editor at HC did) — Wed Nov 1

33 // FOOLISH COUGAR // 2371 words  // 23:46 minutes // (it sort of wants to be NSFW, but never actually makes there; Pride, queer content) — Thurs Nov 2

34 // NO MORE  // 546 words // 5:34 minutes // (clean and crisp, and you couldn’t bear for it to be longer than this) — Fri Nov 3 [BOOKED–Kate Forest]

[note above—Friday post, no scheduled post on Sat Nov 4, because I’m in an all-day workshop and will not be able to provide a good level of social media support; I will release the weekly recap Friday eve as well]

35 // CRASH // 1323 words // 13:09 minutes // (clean… critical… crazy how much happens in these 13 minutes) — Sun Nov 5

36 // SUFFERING FOR ART // 398 words // 4 minutes // (This is a short “OMFG, I can’t believe she did that” NSFW chapter) — Mon Nov 6 [BOOKED — T&A Book Blog]

37 // PLAYING CUPID // 905 words // 9 minutes // (so NSFW and quirky and weird, wow) — Tues Nov 7 [BOOKED–Mischa Elliot]

38 // EMASCULATION // 1759 words // 18:01 minutes // (clean, off-the-charts drama though—no one gets castrated, though, I promise) — Wed Nov 8

39 // RITUAL // 1209 words // 12:05 minutes // (clean… and also… oh, I can’t tell you. But if you read/listen to all of Consequences, ask me whether I was planning this in Chapter 1) — Thurs Nov 9

[no externally scheduled post for Fri Nov 10; weekly + to-date recap on my blog]

[no post on Sat Nov 11 for Veterans Day in USA and Remembrance Day in Canada]

40 // MUSE // 995 words  // 10 minutes // (and, we are building now towards the final climax, so yes, NSFW, and yes, you ad your readers will hate me now until tomorrow…) — Sun Nov 12 [BOOKED–Sip Read Love/Books Love Gina]

41 // CHRISTMAS DAY // 2310 words // 23 minutes // (BAM 1! mostly clean, with one verbal orgasm) — Mon Nov 13 [BOOKED–Dirty Girl Blog]

42 // CAST-OFFS // 841 words // 8:30 minutes // (starts with sex but really quite clean—BAM 2! Did you see that coming?) — Tues Nov 14

43 // VIOLATION // 690 words // 7 minutes // (clean… ha! BAM 3!) — Wed Nov 15 [BOOKED– Book Sniffers Anonymous]

44 // AGAIN WITH THE CONFESSION // 1612 words // 16:05 minutes // (OMG, no more BAMs! The book is almost over… you don’t have time to fix this!) (I totally do—watch me) — Thurs Nov 16 [BOOKED–WopsyWooBook Blog]

[no externally scheduled post for Fri Nov 17; weekly + to-date recap on my blog]

45 // FETTERED, FREE // 996 words // 10 minutes // (clean, Happy Ending 1) — Sat Nov 18 [BOOKED–Carrie Austin Reviews]

46 // ABSOLUTION // 520 words // 5 minutes // (clean, Happy Ending 2) — Sun Nov 19 [BOOKED–Reads2Love]

47 // THRESHOLD // 1549  // 15:33 minutes // (clean, Happy Ending 3) — Mon Nov 20 [BOOKED – Stephanie’s Book Reports]

48 //  AN UNSATISFACTORY ENDING // 330 words // 3:15 minutes // (clean… except for his appalling language. God. But… you know that thing you didn’t think I’d pull off? BAM! In 330 words. Now excuse me while I go off and preen) — Tues Nov 21 [BOOKED – (un)Conventional Book Reviews]

[Wed Nov 22: Full Recap on]

Ok, I don’t know if this type of outline was at all helpful to you, but I enjoyed it thoroughly… and I know it’s not the Canadian way to toot your own horn—we’re supposed to be all, “Aw, shucks, it’s not very good, I hope you like it”—but, fortunately, I’m not really Canadian, and fuck, this is a good story. And I nailed the pacing. I can’t wait to unleash it aurally on your readers.

Please email or FB message me with any and all questions… and please don’t make me set up a Google Doc Form. I know that theoretically it would make logistics easier–practically, it will just cause me angst. I plan things in pretty notebooks. With fountain pens, markers and pastels. It works for me–for now. 🙂


Thank you, again, for your interest! And don’t forget–I am all about karma, so if you’ve got a pet project right now that you love and you need it to get some extra love on social media–don’t be shy about asking: / /

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