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You: There’s nothing here!

Me: I know!

You: What the hell?

Me: OK. So here’s the deal. I know nothing about self-publishing and shameless self-promotion. But I have to learn. So “they” tell me (“they” talk so much…). As I learn, I’ll share with you. Promise.

Right now, all I can tell you is where I’ve started:

  • Amazon’s CreateSpace … the resource section of which is not nearly as robust as one would expect it to be…
  • Bob Baker’s Full-Time Author, a site I found through SARK, which has proven to be a treasure-trove of how-to’s… if a bit overwhelming
  • Blaise Lucey.com:“a creative resource for creative people trying to figure out what the heck is going on”—which is “just” a blog… but written by a smart, thoughtful, reflective person who is asking all the same questions I am (and probably, you are)

The piece of work that broke through my extreme fear and paralysis was:

Jennifer Lee’s The Right-Brain Business Plan  and if you’re the sort of person in whom the right and left hemispheres do daily battle—and the left one usually loses—I cannot recommend this resource ardently enough.

The book on marketing and publicity I’m reading right now which is a little dated (2002) but generally still very solid is:

Susan Harrow’s Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul: a woman’s guide to promoting herself, her business, her product or her cause with integrity and spirit. Also check out Harrow’s website: SusanHarrow.com

Otherwise… I’m just muddling through. And sharing with you resources that resonate with me, every Monday.

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