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My publisher: Mischief/Harper Collins UK—clearly, the publisher with the most exquisite taste and just enough courage and daring. Right?

JUST FOR FUN: Harlequin’s Erotic Fiction Flow-Chart

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Their actual competition:

Indies I chose to pitch (a couple of them I dallied with):

 Indies I never got around to pitching, but thought about:

A great resource of places to pitch: Get Started in Writing Erotic Fiction by Judith Watts and Mirren Baxter (Hodder & Stoughton, 2013).

Disclaimer: I haven’t read the book. I skipped straight to the list of publishers in the appendix. Because… well, that’s a point of debate for another place: can you teach someone to write well? You can teach a formula, certainly. But all the best writing subverts formula and reader expectations. Turns convention on its head. Can you teach that, learn that, or does that just happen?

MORE: Google “top erotica publishers” “publishers who accept unagented submissions” “erotica publishers [your country]” “independent publishers [your country or your genre].” And keep on Googling.

HOW TELL ME GOT PUBLISHED: Gets told, in serialization, every Wednesday, starting January 8, 2014, on m jane colette and every Thursday on WattPad.

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